That Band had 2 gigs this past Saturday. The first was at El Ancla in Torrox for the LIVE charity event. They were the last band of the night. It was great to see Martin, the El Ancla staff as well as friends from other bands like Tracy and Josh.
Martin said that they'd raised a good amount of money for the charity as well which is great!

The second gig of the night was at Cochran's in Nerja. The band was suprisingly energetic at this show but we, the That Band wives and girlfriends (or I should say the "That Band Groupies", were exhausted! Thankfully the lovely Bea and Celia had energy to make up for Caroline and I and got everyone up dancing.(including me and Rory, thanks Rory!) Celia and Antonio joined the band at the end of the night for Hace Calor which we have a little clip of from You Tube, then it was time to pack up, drive home, and go to bed!

Many thanks again to El Ancla and Cochran's for having That Band and the staff at both who always treat the guys and us so well! Gracias!

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