How exciting! This is numero uno in the first of many hopefully! First off I want to tell you a bit about each band member, how they met, and why you should go see them play at a gig near you.

The group met in the summer of 2008 and have been gaining fans and a reputation as the number one band on the southern coast of Spain.

Mike is the lead singer, he's a great big kid, loves to dress up for show in keeping with what they are playing. So far he's done Elvis, a rastafarian, a disco dude for a 70's themed night. You never know what he's going to come up with next! Mike is origonally from the UK and lives in La Herradura with his partner Caroline and his 2 cats.

Duncan is the guitarist, don't let his rock god persona fool you, he's really a softy, he's been involved in the music biz since he was a teenager and for many years he traveled the world as a tour manager for Trilok Gurtu, who many consider one of the best drummers in the world. Since retiring from that job, he's focused more on his own music and is a star in the local music scene. Duncan, origonally from Canada, lives in the hills outside of Almuñecar with me (Danee) his wife, and our 4 cats.

Roland, the bass player is from Germany. He's previously played with the Little Rock Band and Quatro Gatos. His jokes are terrible but "Rolandini's Joke Time" has become a popular part of their gigs. Roland is single (hey ladies!) and lives with his cat Goldie. You often will see Goldie sitting next to Roland on a bar stool in Almuñecar, not that Roland hangs out in bars all day....

Javier is the drummer for That Band but he also plays guitar and bass. He's from Argentina but has lived in Almuñecar for 6 years or so. He's one of the most sought after musicians on the coast , not only because he plays drums, bass and guitar fabulously well, but also because he's one of the nicest most laid back guys you'll ever meet! He's the youngest of the group and also plays in the Bass Band (another great local rock band!). Javier lives with Nuria (sorry ladies).

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