What a week this was! Duncan and I moved (catching our 4 cats was the most difficult part of it all!) and That Band had 2 gigs over the weekend as well as Duncan hosting the new jam session on Wednesday at Dallas and recording 11 kids for a birthday party at Look It's Music, the new recording studio in Almuñecar.

That band had two gigs the first on Friday at Jauja Playa in Plaza Kelibia and he second at Dallas on the beachfront both went well although were sparsely attended.

We also ordered t shirts and they should be here the 2nd or 3rd week in May! and now on to the list of gigs for May;

We also ordered That Band Tshirts this past week, contact us by email at thatband.almunecar@yahoo.com to let me know what sizes you need and how many. They will be 12€ each or 2 for 20€.

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